10 Architecture Movies That Will Inspire Every Architect

adminJuly 24, 2020

Architecture gives life to civilization. The civilization that we live in a contribution of some of the most talented architects in history.

If you’re an architect that’s looking for some inspiration to deepen your knowledge then here are some movies/documentaries based on the nuances of architecture that you can watch.

10. My Architect (2003)

This movie tells the story of Nathaniel Kahn and his father Louis Kahn who is a renowned architect. It portrays the story of a son who’s sole quest is to understand his father. It understands the foundation of love and art.

9. The Architect And The Painter (2011)

This film explores the rise of the information age and the influence that modernism has on development. Narrated by James Franco, it focuses on Charles and Ray Eames and their seamless contribution towards modern architecture and furniture that is still historic to this day. The film also divulges on their personal lives and their understanding of architecture planning .

8. Infinite Space: The Architecture of John Lautner (2008)

It tells the unconventional story of a visionary artist John Lautner and his pursuit of creating an ‘architecture that has no beginning and no end’. It’s a perceptive look at the renowned architect and his talent.

7. Citizen Architect: Samuel Mockbee and the Spirit of the Rural Studio (2010)

This film portrays the work of the late Samuel Mockbee and his ideal and belief that ‘everyone deserves a refuge for the soul’. It dives into his work and the construction of the teaching of social responsibilities of the professor of architecture. A must watch for architects of tomorrow.

6. Frank Lloyd Wright (1998)

A documentary is based on the ‘greatest American architect of all time’ and his life. It teaches people to go beyond the technical norms of design and construction wile simultaneously focusing on Wright and his harsh circumstances.

5. Kochuu: Japanese Architecture / Influence and Origin (2003)

If you want to understand the nuances of Japanese architecture which is rooted in their tradition then this film is a perfect choice. It interviews renowned architects and their views on contemporary styles.

4. Philip Johnson: Diary of an Eccentric Architect (1994)

Explore the life of Philip Johnson, a well-established architect known for creating stylish and eccentric constructions. It dives into Johnson’s work and other aspects of architecture like the interaction of building with their environment in natural elements.

3. Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision (1994)

This film takes away from the typical construction of buildings in cities and focuses on the story of a Chinese- American artist who is responsible for creating memorials of the martyred of the Vietnamese War, Civil Right and Montgomery, Alabama. A must-watch.

2. Archiculture (2011)

Archiculture portrays the journey of architecture students in their last semester of education. It sheds light on their struggles and the challenges they face to become architects. It also examines the complications that come with teaching architecture. This award-winning film is highly recommended for aspiring architects.

1.The Human Scale (2012)

An in-depth look at the other side of architecture through Jan Gehl, a Danish architect and professor who has studied human behaviour for 40 years, and his experience. He explains the need for conveying human needs in architectural designs and how we can build city with this focus. This insightful documentary widens the perception around the discipline of architecture.


Watching insightful films can go a long way to open new doors for creation. These movies can play a crucial role in understanding the complicated yet humane discipline called architecture and construction.


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